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Level 2 Charger Installation

Most EV users will want to have a garage, or house-installed level 2 charger. These require a 240v circuit similar to electric clothes dryers, or similar, high voltage appliances. They typically charge 10-30 miles per hour, and your vehicle will achieve full charge in about 8 hours.

photo of ChargePoint EV charger, Portland Maine EV Charging
Popular ChargePoint Level 2 Home Charger

Installation costs are reasonable and allow the most flexibility and peace of mind for drivers.

Level 2 units typically charge 10-30 miles per hour and achieve full range in about 8 hours. Installation costs are reasonable and allow the most flexibility and peace of mind for drivers. Depending upon your existing electrical setup, chargers can be installed for under $1000 with most residential applications under $2000. We will schedule a site visit at your convenience to provide a FREE ESTIMATE for a EV charger setup based on your determined needs.


EV Charging stations are expanding weekly in Maine. With so many new EV charging companies dedicated to both commercial EV charging (including fast chargers), as well as residential products, the choices are numerous.

photo of public EV fast charger, MainelyEVs
ChargePoint Fast Chargers off I-95


The city of Portland (ME) has over 85 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 10 miles. Of these, 54% of are level 2 charging ports and 45% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

With a growing network of public charging, travel around our area is easier for EV drivers. Making sure to have a reliable and fast home charger will ensure your vehicle is always ready for your daily journey.

Whether it is a quick ride up 295 to Freeport or down 95 to Kittery, you want to make sure your vehicle is fully charged.

Before you head to Slab for some pizza or to the Maine Mall, recharge your EV battery comfortably from home.

photo of downtown Portland Maine, EV ChargingPortlandme


How many EV charging stations are in Maine?

-There are more than 475 public EV chargers in Maine with more completed weekly.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car in Maine?

-With electric rates averaging 12 cents per kwh in Maine, charging costs about 7 cents per mile.

Should I charge my EV to 80% or 100%?

-Current guidance is much like a cell phone. Limit charging to 80% and make sure you recharge by 20%.

Settings exist to cutoff charging at a fixed percentage.

Is it better to charge an EV at home or at a public charging station?

-Faster charging rates make public charging a quicker option but typically at higher prices.

Home charging is slower, but also cheaper. Reach out for a free quote.

We install in the greater Portland area. Set up a FREE estimate today!

For more information, visit Maine’s EV charging authority, Mainely EVs at:

Maine Rebates and Tax Incentives

With rebates ranging from $500 to $7500 on EVs, the time may be right to purchase a new vehicle. Efficiency Maine has a great site with a breakdown of available programs and resources.

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Portland EV Charging for Mainers